Vietnam Airline carriers tips with Lien Khuong International airport

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Inspired from the tree marigold – the conventional flower regarding Dalat Level of skill, Lien Khuong International airport bears a different feature with the Di Linh Level of skill making modern day but high-faluting experience for visitors to Dalat. If passengers usually do not want to be able to miss the particular Vietnam Airline carriers flights to be able to Dalat, acquire traffic jams and carry out check-in treatments, security verification late, travellers must totally prepare essential documents. Vietnam Airline carriers following suggestions suggested simply by will help passengers to be more convenient when doing procedures at the Dalat International Airport.

Organizing necessary files

Appropriate passport
Visa (when required)
Private papers (Recognition Card, certificate with the armed makes, and some other papers since: Parliamentary Deputy Credit card, Party Associate Card, Reporter Card, traveling license, birth document (regarding children beneath 14 yrs . old)…
Furthermore, Vietnamair advise passengers must remember moment for check-in. Observance of energy will aid passengers never to miss the flight or perhaps avoid trouble from your process.

Beginning time regarding check-in surfaces:

Opening moment for global flights: 2 hours thirty minutes before the particular scheduled starting time.
Beginning time regarding domestic travel arrangements: 2 hours ahead of the scheduled starting time.
Final time regarding check-in surfaces:

International travel arrangements: 40 minutes ahead of the scheduled starting time.
Home-based flights: 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled starting time.
If passengers usually do not present on the check-in counter punctually, they will never be accepted traveling on the particular flight. According to their ticket condition, an inability to check-in punctually may also bring about:

Ticket will be invalid and also non-refund in the event there are usually restrictions about changes.
Passengers need to produce a new Vietnam Flight booking and buy a fresh ticket.
Spending change payment and ticket difference regarding new appropriate fare.
Are you aware that flight, luggage will probably be divided directly into two classes with certain regulations per type:

Cabin suitcases is goods that passengers brings on aircraft and place on seat, beneath the seat or close to them. Please become advised in which doing treatments at Lien Khuong International airport or virtually any airport, passengers should look closely at weight, size and variety of bags, because the regulations of each and every airline are very different. According to be able to regulations, the highest weight of each and every cabin baggage will not exceed 3 years ago kg and the sum three proportions is lower than 115cm.
Checked baggage is frequently clothing and also checked things. After doing check-in treatments, it will probably be transported to be able to cargo keep and travellers can only obtain it at another airport.

Passengers will see check-in surfaces of airlines on the departure zoom of Lien Khuong International airport. If passengers desire to select couch, they must come early on to make. Before arriving at check-in surfaces, they must have the security level.

Passengers must present seat tickets, ID or perhaps passport/ visa with Vietnam Flight check-in countertop. If travellers have checked out baggage, they should wear it a level. Airline employees can verify hand suitcases of passengers concurrently.

If ticket won’t have seat number as well as the flight moment is quick, passenger can easily ask to be able to sit close to the windowpane. The flight staff can check and also arrange car seats. Passenger must sit close to the window in order to avoid being annoyed by folks sitting inside of, or to be able to admire the particular landscapes any time plane will take off/ gets.

After doing the check-in treatments, passengers can receive seat tickets, documents and also boarding complete and suitcases tag. Passenger need to hold counterfoil until out from the airport. Boarding Complete includes details of starting gate, opening moment of holding out lounge as well as the seat number around the fight.

Boarding moment

It will be time regarding boarding about plane, the flight staff will be at the particular lounge. Please can get on your flight in accordance with pre-boarding announcement with the airline. Travellers with high-class admission have boarding goal. After in which, the boarding sequence could be the disabled, people flying together with infants/ youngsters, and some other passengers.

Verify baggage

After arriving at the ultimate destination, if passengers usually do not find the baggage, they need to immediately make contact with Lost and also Found business office of Vietnamese airlines on the airport for your help. If travellers leave the particular airport without building a declaration regarding lost baggageScience Posts, they can not complain any more.