Simple Steps for Making Airtel Online Recharge     


The Internet has made many aspects which make our life full of comforts. Some of the most difficult and toughest tasks now hardly take minutes whereas earlier it would take some good hours to get done with the same jobs. From ordering food online to paying utility bills, there is a huge scope of tasks that internet has facilitated humankind with.

If you are one of the 304.9 million subscribers (as per statistics available till March 2018) of Idea Cellular Limited ‘s2G, 3G and 4G network, and then you are one of the lucky ones as you can get your Airtel Online Recharge done. You can do the same either at Airtel’s company website or from are a trusted reseller site like Phonepe, Paytm or MobiKwik.

The process for online Airtel Online Recharge involves the following steps:-

  1. Open the brand site of Airtel.
  2. Type in the mobile number.
  3. Choose the recharge plan that fits perfectly to your requirement. The biggest advantage of having a postpaid Airline connection is that you get to choose from a wide range of available plans related to data, voice calls and SMS.
  4. Click on proceed. Select the mode of payment – mobile wallets, net banking, debit or credit card.
  5. On selecting credit or debit card, fill in the credit card number, expiry date, and CVV number. For Net-banking, you would be required to furnish details pertaining to your bank account number and type in the password. Within minutes the transaction is processed, and if your bank approves the amount, the transaction is processed successfully. You receive a message of confirmation, and an acknowledgment of the payment received is texted to your mobile number and emailed to your officially registered email id.
  6. If the bank, however, declines the amount, the transaction does not get through, and you are informed of the transaction failure through a message on your mobile and email id.

Airtel Online Recharge is done – for the period that the recharge is valid for, the subscriber can use his connection without tension in the world. It is smooth, fast and most of all convenient. It is a convenience aspect of this activity that it makes it so popular amongst Airtel subscribers. In 2014, of the 800 million mobile phone users, 97% were using prepaid phones thereby propelling third-party retailers and even cellular service providers to embrace the new technology and provide their subscribers with the ease of getting recharge and payments done online.

Other than the above one very attractive reason for tech-savvy Gen next to use this modernized technology of Airtel online recharge is, of course, the value-add-on that they get to enjoy. Most of the third-party reseller sites, as well as the brand itself, provide for striking discounts and cash back offers that customers find irresistible, including senior citizens and teenage kids. Some of the resellers offer huge cash back coupons subject to certain terms and conditions. Though these are marketing gimmicks by the companies to attract a loyal customer base, it is the end customers eventually that benefit the most from it.