First Time Visiting New York? How Tourist Attractions Maps, Metro Maps, Walking Maps Helps


New York is undoubtedly a wonderful city to go for your next vacation. However, keep in mind that travelling to New York City can be extremely daunting, especially if it is your first time. In order to make it easier to move around the city, it is suggested that every tourist must carry a New York City map along.

It is a pretty huge city, and if you think your experience will help you move around comfortably, you will sadly be proved wrong. So, save yourself some time and stress, and carry proper maps and guidebooks along. Figure out in advance what sites and attractions you want to visit, and plan your routes accordingly. Also, make a list of those you want to skip, or may be visit on the next trip. This will help you divide your time better and thereby make most out of your trip.

Different New York City Maps:

The right type of New Work City map is a valuable tool and can help you plan your trip well. Here we have listed some different types of maps which can be of great help if you want to see more than just a couple of attractions in one day. Carry one or all of them with you and plan a more effective trip.

Official New York City Visitors Map

This map is one of the simplest one, but there is something which makes it one of the best – it is for free. You can get a copy of this map from any Official NYC’s visitor information center. You can also order online in advance, but be prepared it will take plenty of time to come via email.

Free Online NYC Neighborhood Maps

There are several maps available online for free. You can download one anytime from anywhere. However, they won’t be as convenient to use as the paid ones are.

New Yorker’s Manhattan Map

You can easily fit this map in your back pocket since it is very compact and made using soft material compared to other maps. Along with the street map, there are separate bus and subway maps too. You can easily plan the route well in advance if you use the map well.

Furthermore, the subway map not only covers Manhattan, but the entire subway system. You can find over 100 attractions listed in the map as well as parks and landmarks too. The map also has a list of useful phone numbers for emergencies, transport, airports, etc.

Streetwise Manhattan Map

This is one of the most preferred maps when it comes to NYC maps. It comes in a sturdy laminated finish and can handle wear and tear even if used repeatedly. The best part about this map is its compact size. When it is unfolded, it is just as big as a legal paper. The map covers neighborhood, tourist attractions, places of interest, museums, etc.

Also, subway lines are included in the map. It is clearly marked that which train will stop where. Besides, even the Manhattan busses are covered in the map. All in all, it is one of the best choice for travelers.

To enjoy a perfect vacation in New York City, it is essential that you carry along a map and guidebook. This is especially important if you are there for just a few days. Maps and guidebooks will help you explore the city better without any confusions of finding the right routes. Also, you can find out what are the free things to enjoy in NYC with the help of a map.

So, if you wish to fit everything in one visit, take your time to study the NYC maps and plan your trip accordingly. Find one right away on