How to Take the Stress Out of Moving to a New Home


So, you planned a big move to your dream house, and while you’re excited, there’s an element of underlying stress and anxiety. Why? Because there’s so much to do, from packing away your belongings, to finding people to help you haul it outside and into trucks, to finding some way to get your pets safely from point A to point B. Ugh—it’s all a big ball of stress. Luckily, there are several ways you can cope with the stress of moving AND prep for the big day with minimal hassle. Research the New Area to Get Comfortable with Your Surroundings Moving somewhere unfamiliar is a challenge in and of itself. You don’t know anybody, and you probably don’t know much about your neighborhood. So, make it your missions to get to know your new area and new surroundings with every trip you take to remodel and ready your new home. Tip: Pick a handful of places in the city nearest to your new home and visit those places next time you’re in town. This will familiarize you with some of the surroundings. And you might even make a few friends to help you feel more comfortable about moving to somewhere new. Hire Professional Movers and Packers Professional movers and packers take some of the hassle out of moving everything yourself. Sure, you could pay a few friends with cash, pizza, and beer, but professionals are better equipped with the muscle, energy, time, and experience. Plus, most moving companies offer furniture arrangement services, where movers will help you carry and place your furniture into your new home. Tip: Look through your listings of email marketing for real estate agents in your new hometown. They are sure to know reliable moving companies willing to help on the weekend of your choice. Move a Little at a Time Those boxes packed already? There’s no reason you can’t go ahead and move them if the house is already yours. With each trip you make to prepare your new home, take a box or two. That way, by the time you’re ready for the bigger moving day, all you need to take is a few boxes of personals and heavy furniture.